29 Feb – Should you take the leap to remote working?

We have scheduled the next Virtual Team Talk Blab!

Monday 29th Feb 7pm GMT / 11am PDT.

Virtual drinks are encouraged. Silly hats and creative personalities are also welcome Рbut not compulsory.

We will be discussing whether or not you should take the LEAP to remote working (get it? It’s leap year! :).

What should we think about before making the jump? What was hard for you? What surprised you? What should others know? Come hop on Blab and share your story.


15 Dec The Future of Virtual Teams in 2016

Join us for a live chat on

The Future of Virtual Teams in 2016

When: Tuesday 15th Dec. 7pm GMT/8pm CET/11am PST
Where: On Blab. Follow this link: https://blab.im/pilar-orti-virtual-team-talk-1-what-will-virtual-teams-look-like-in-2016-3

How you can watch:
Follow the link above.
You might have to download an app if you’re watching from a mobile device.

How you can participate:
If you have a Twitter account, you can log onto the Blab platform.
From there you can comment on the chat.

You can also join the discussion live by requesting a seat. Make sure your webcam and microphone are working and wear your best smile!

Any questions, comment here (you need to be on the post page, not the Homepage) or tweet us:

@lightling for Lisette

(We’ll be recording the audio and video. If you want to access the recordings, sign up to the blog via email, through the sidebar.)