Our Story

It all started with a Blab.

But then Blab started to fade away…

And now Blab doesn’t play a role in our adventure anymore.

Pilar Orti and Lisette Sutherland regularly meet many fab people in the “remote” space: people working in virtual teams, freelancers working mainly remotely, consultants helping remote teams, software and app developers, coaches, facilitators… We’re probably missing out some professions.

What unites all of us is a desire to conquer distance and location to work with people we want to work with. To not let distance get in the way of great teamwork.

So, what do we do?

Yes, we talk a lot. Well, actually, we don’t talk that much. The conversation really gets going when we decide to DO something together.

So we regularly collaborate with others in the group on small projects and every now and then, we come together as a group to do something bigger. (There are a few of these projects going on now, watch this space, we only started on this journey in Jan 2016…)

If you work in the virtual space or about to work in it or you just know that teamwork does not require being in the same physical space, join us. The application form is short, but necessary…


See you around then?


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